Matt DeMino
Matt DeMino
Freelance Illustrator
San Antonio, United States


I have an Associate Degree in Illustration Design and a real interest in the future of digital arts. I feel at home making art, just as I do in a wide array of games and stories. I spent my youth drawing, sketching and playing games! Drawing comes naturally for me so I work to take my talent to the next level!
I have extensive knowledge of Adobe products, with an expertise in Photoshop. I have fused my traditional skills with my digital skills to create amazing designs. I have proficiency with a multitude of devices and software that help bring to life the most basic of ideas.
I have a good eye for detail and a wide range of styles, something I picked up from all the things that influence me. I notice even the smallest aspects of designs. I also have the ability to suggest new ideas and to present these ideas to the clients. I have great decision making and analytical skills along with the ability to stay calm and maintain a friendly attitude even when working in very stressful environments.

Creative - Pulls from a lifelong artistic library with interesting design ideas in a detailed and believable way ensuring cohesive world and story building.
Problem-solving - Able to tackle any problem head-on with new and creative ideas with insightful reasoning and in a timely manner.
Organized - Able to create and manage a large amount of work in a structured and readable way for team members to work from.
Team Player - Excellent communication skills, ability to receive and grow with constructive criticism.


Concept ArtDigital PaintingIllustrationPainting


  • Card and Cover art for "Everyone Loves a Parade!" at Calliope Games
    May 2018 - June 2018

    Cover art and card illustrations. Individual images for various parade themed objects and people, 9 groups of people.

    Art Director: Andrew Hepworth

  • Commissioned Art at Nickelodeon
    May 2018 - May 2018

    Commissioned TMNT painting - "The Runaway"

    Art Director: Jonathan Zelenak

  • Commissioned Web Tutorial at 3d Total
    December 2017 - December 2017

    Commissioned 2d Web tutorial

  • Commissioned Art at Nickelodeon
    November 2017 - November 2017

    Commissioned TMNT painting - Thanksgiving

    Art Director: Jonathan Zelenak

  • Card Designer at Albino Dragon
    Austin , United States of America
    January 2016 - March 2016

    designed and Illustrated ALIEN themed poker deck, gaff cards and box

  • Character Artist / Animator at Mytoons
    San Antonio, United States of America
    January 2007 - January 2009

    Head of multiple divisions including animation and character design.

    Created several animations for commercials, contests, and off-site advertising.

    Designed storyboards, concept art, composed keyframes, and headed up tweening for 2D projects